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Holistic Hackers The Life Design Program


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123 S Eastbourne Ave 85716 Tucson United States
Holistic Hackers is four-part series of ground-breaking workshops that dares to go beyond where any coaching, training, fitness or personal development course has ever gone before! Learn exactly how your mind and body are wired and exactly what inputs and outputs will bring you new levels of goal attainment and life satisfaction! Dare to dream big and then create the body, mind and life you will live in! This is the only comprehensive holistic program of its kind. Learn the secrets of performance, fitness, nutrition, mental clarity, and focused goal-attainment. Find out what happens on the physiological and psychological level when you eat food and discover the mechanisms that you can control to create your ideal form. Be the next evolution of you: healthy, vibrant and sharp! One workshop a month and targeted Personal Prescription assignments designed by you within this cutting –edge framework are exactly the tools you have been seeking through years. The possibilities are endless- all that it takes is you. Are you ready to become a Holistic Hacker?

Mike LaCoss has devoted the last 16 years in the training industry discovering hacks in weight management,strength & conditioning and nutrition. Mike earned his BS in Health Education while playing football at the UA, then went on to owning a Crossfit & Personal Training gym. Currently he’s partner in a startup company making organic grass-fed bison bars and doing online coaching.

Dove Crawford has spent the last 25 years hacking her way to health, success and happiness. Dove draws from her BS in Exercise Science, MS in Kinesiology, certifications that include Registered Yoga Teacher and CrossFit Level 1 Coach, and life experiences as a Marine, federal law enforcement officer, cancer survivor and recovered perfectionist.

Participant Requirements:
Full participation in all registered workshops.
Completion of all registration and participant data/ history documents.
Submission of weekly Snapshot Check-ins to holistichackers@gmail.com.
Adherence to Holistic Hackers Group Coaching Agreement, to include confidentiality of all information shared during workshop sessions, emails and Facebook posts on the Holistic Hackers Private Accountability Group Page.