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Infinity Slow Grow League at TGG - Week 10


Tucson Games and Gadgets
2900 E Broadway Blvd, # 134 85716 Tucson United States
Going from 120 points to 300 points!

League Entry Fee: $15 (The majority will go back to prize support)
League Duration: 10 weeks

You may enter the league at any point during the league. Only registered league players are guaranteed a table on league days.

Scenario rules will be announced/posted 3 days before each league day. The scenarios may change, as I am adjusting to the new ITS 2016 scenarios. You must play the entire league with the same faction or the same sectorial.

Each league day will begin with a short 15 minute presentation by Kevin or Arick with tips on Infinity. Topics will be posted along with the scenarios every week.

Week 10 (May 15th): 300 points ITS Supremacy (Spec-ops 12XP allowed)

Each week the scenario will give you a maximum of 3 Tournament Points (TP) & 10 Objective Points (OP). The final standing is based on the total tournament points you scored during those 10 weeks. Tie breakers will be done by Objective Points, then Victory Points. Only games played on league days will count towards the final score. Only your first game score per league day may be submitted.

The new tournament point system can be found on the new ITS document: http://download.infinitythegame.com/itsrules/2016/en/v1.0.pdf

Pairings every week will be done following the ITS rules, i.e. a modified Swiss system.

Attendance points:
You will get 2 extra OP for attending more than 8 league days.

Weekly prizes: Everyone who shows up and plays on a league day get into the raffle for the league day. Prize will be by choice from the leftover tournament pack (pins, patches, posters). More to be added as each league day comes up.

Prize list:
First Prize: $45 TGG store credit for Infinity + awesome winner's plaque/trophy laser-cut by our very own Genghis Kob (pending)
Second Prize: $30 TGG store credit for Infinity
Third Prize: $15 TGG store credit for Infinity
Best painted army (voting on the last week of the league): Armand "Le Muet" Mercenary Blister.
Week 4: Swag Bag (Pins, badges, posters, etc)
Week 5: Infinity Classified Objective Deck
Week 6: Laser Line (Army Painter's perhaps)
Week 7: Swag Bag (Pins, badges, posters, etc)
Week 8: Infinity O-12 Commissioner (HVT) Blister
Week 9: Micro Art Studio Infinity Template Set
Week 10: Black Sheep Industry Terrain (donated by me - Luke sent me some extras a while back).

TO/referee: Kevin. He will also be participating in the league.